Thursday, February 26, 2015

Maiolica re-creation plate.

My most recent maiolica attempt. It is so recent that it is now in a cooling kiln along with its cousins and I am anxiously waiting for them to cool to see if magic happened. It's very hard to wait, but if I try to speed the cooling up a little the risk is breakage.

I enjoyed doing this plate very much. I used primarily just one overglaze and made washes of it to get the variety of shades of blue. The one exception is a bit of blue-green overglaze on the left of the picture. 

You can see the original which was my inspiration. The original plate was from Deruta, Italy, made sometime between 1520-1525.  I would love to find more examples of blue monocolor plates. There must be some out there.... surely.

The base maiolica glaze is a non-leaded modern glaze I mixed to look as much like the original glaze that I could, only safe from lead fumes and leaching.

Wish me luck.

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