Friday, September 21, 2007


Welcome to my blog.
This is where I will record and consider my ceramic progress and the life issues that contribute to my work. I hope you find it interesting and informative.

At this time in my art journey, there are two strong facets that will occasionally blend together beautifully, at other times they are centuries apart.

The photograph at the left is an example of my interpretation of a historical pot. I have a great love of history and research constantly to find the most handsome and interesting pots. I also do "experimental archaeology" to test the functions these ancient designs served.

The original of this "drinking jug" was unearthed in Exeter, UK. It was from the Twelfth Century and thought to have been imported from France. I like everything about it, the strength of the shape, the surface design, the glaze application. The owners centuries before must have been so proud to set this jug on their table or to pour libation from its handsome form.

My other style is Contemporary Studio Pottery.
With this work I am constantly experimenting and trying unique ideas. My goal is always to make a work of art functional for everyday use and appreciation.

The mug in the picture above is my most recent style. I employ textures everywhere and multiple glazes. I enjoy adding multiple touches to this style, while they are leather-hard I attack them with stamps, rollers, scratching blades, extra tiny bits of sprigging. Glazing follows the same spirit have a general idea in mind when decorating commences, but no plan to follow. I just let my right brain loose on them and the pots love it. An appreciative customer titled the new red-purple glaze I've been working with "Huckleberry". I especially appreciated this, I grew up on huckleberries and consider them my "soul food". So how perfect a name for my soul work.