Monday, April 28, 2008

Rennaisance Fair is coming!

and it will be here this up-coming weekend. I have attended this fair since it's beginning year, which was (gasp) 35 years ago. I am the only artist who has had a booth there every year.

These are some of the green pots I will be glazing for the fair. I am exploring some different surface designs and trying an approach that is much more "loose". The two teapots on the upper left are great examples of the differences between a loose and a more refined teapot shapes.

These will be glazed mostly in the huckleberry glazes, but I want some in greens and others in the raw-sienna glaze I'm working with as well.

It's very exciting antcipating how they will turn out after glaze firing.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Empty Bowls recap

Empty Bowls, 2008, was a success for the Palouse Studio Potters Guild. We made over $1500.00 for Hunger organizations and had a great time doing it, although it did take quite a bit of work. I was proud of the Potters Guild members for their dedication and good energy.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Intended for Empty Bowl Donations

This Phoenix bowl was painted with underglazes and fired to cone 6.
This paticular influence was from a Medieval Persian fabric design.

Another Bird Bowl, also Ancient Persian in design for both interior and exterior

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bowls, bowls, and more bowls

These freshly thrown bowls are destined to be decorated by friends.

The Palouse Studio Potters Guild is holding an "Empty Bowls" chairty April 19th. For this we gather handmade bowls. The website says: "The basic idea for Empty Bowls is simple. Participants create ceramic bowls, then serve a simple meal of soup and bread. Guests choose a bowl to use that day and to keep as a reminder that there are always Empty Bowls in the world. In exchange for a meal and the bowl, the guest gives a suggested minimum donation of ten dollars. The meal sponsors and /or guests choose a hunger-fighting organization to receive the money collected".

We are actually asking $15.00 for a bowl, still a great bargain. The funds we generate will be given to Oxfam and a local small town food bank that is in dire need of food.

This is the most wonderful activity. The Moscow Food Co-op provides 2 homemade soups and bread. We have offers of about 200 bowls from potters. The unfired bowls in the picture above will be decorated by non-potters (but artistic people) in two small workshops. I am also donating quite a few bowls.

This is another example of my Celtic Knotwork pottery. Bowls are such wonderful designs to decorate.

This is a simply designed soup bowl, simple for me and the way I work anyway.