Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Designs with the Celtic Motif

I have had some people ask about some of the Celtic Designs I put on my pottery. All of these designs are inspired by the ancient art of the Celts, Picts, and Norse. During their eras, their art was incised or painted on various crafts such as wood work, metal work, and on illuminated manuscripts. I take the basic design and alter it to fit on my ceramic pieces in ways that, although they were not done exactly like mine in history, enhance and beautify the ceramics on which they reside.
Although I don't know for certain, I believe I was the first person in the U.S. to put Celtic Knotwork on my pottery as surface design.

This design of a hunting Celtic Cat has been very popular.

This Celtic Horse was originally part of a manuscript.

This knotted up creature is of a Norse Design.

Leaping Celtic Stag on a mug

Occasionally I also do humans. This Irish Warrior is dressed all in plaid. Plaids were bright, (what we would consider) mismatched, and popular with Ancient Celts.

This is a large platter with a Celtic bird. The bird "may" have been representative of a peacock.

This is a running Celtic Dog, the knotwork is swirling about him.