Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pipkin goodness

This is the pipkin and pouring bowl set I made for my son and daughter in law. They aren't interested in Medieval recreation, but love camping. This set will work well for their camp cookery.

This is what the pipkin looks like.

The side handle is hollow to help with insulation and makes it more comfortable to pick up unless it gets very hot, then a pot holder is advised. The lid has a loop handle, the cook can pick it up with a stick or end of a wooden spoon to check on the cooking contents. Finally the tripod legs are so it can fit reasonably securely over the coals.

These pots are so much fun to use.

See my October '07 post showing pipkins in use

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another travel mug

Here is another travel mug from pre-made bisqueware. This one was for my handsome middle son who likes the Goth lifestyle. I've made him several mugs with skulls so I thought I would "branch out". The leafless trees are suitably spooky. He was born in the year of the boar, thus the boar under the tree.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Some of the Christmas pottery

The mug on the left is for my dancing daughter. The Center mug was for my oldest son, and the hare was given to my daughter in law. Both the designs of the 'ram' mug and the hare cup were inspired by the special display of Medieval Islamic Art I was able to see at the Chicago Art Institute this summer. The glaze colors are modern though.

Two dimensional?
Yeah, on my part at least. I bought the bisqueware because I wanted to make the kids travel mugs for Christmas as a request, and these came with well-fitting lids. So I painted them with low-fire underglazes that I did not formulate myself with the exception of my exterior glaze, with which I am not yet satisfied. If ceramics are done right IMHO, the surface design is there to enhance the shape. With this style, my attention to the shape was secondary.

But dayum this was fun. Way, way fun. I could have yet another obsession to deal with.

This is the backsides of the travel mugs from above. All three are from Medieval Islamic ceramic designs, with a little tweaking.