Friday, March 4, 2011

Traditional maiolica jars

Although I have been throwing pots, always, always. Quite a bit of my work recently has been painting designs on pottery surfaces, both with underglazes and with maiolica (over) glazes.
The following pictures are my most recent maiolica jars. The style of jar is either refered to as a "drug" jar, "apothocary" jar, or "abaraello". They were traditionally used to hold medicines and herbal mixtures. They were covered by use of a waxed parchment, tied on with waxed linen thread. These will be covered by a waxed piece of linen fabric tied on with waxed linen thread. Works just like seran wrap, only re-useable!

This is the "before" picture.

After they have been fired.

These were made for Master Eduardo/David Waldon. He is creating a period Italian Renaissance Kitchen and these jars will hold foods. "Strutto" means pig fat, the smaller jar's function is undecided at this time. They are both glazed with low-fire maiolica glazes. The base white glaze is a glaze I mixed to be similar to low-fire traditional maiolica but without use of lead. I would like to find more low-fire maiolica bases as I had a bit of difficulty with pinholing, although I took the precautions advised to eliminate pinholing.