Saturday, February 23, 2008

In My Snow Island

This pelican design was done in underglazes and will be

fired with a transparent glaze over all.

During my enforced vacation/marooned status, I did get some ceramics done. I brought some bisqueware, cone 6 maiolica base, and underglazes into the house and painted birds on the bisqueware. It was so much fun.

I've noticed Canadian Geese in the air and on the ground

even during this bad weather. They are inspiring to see.

This one is painted in the style of maiolica and will be

high fired.

The Raven is a bird I am always in awe of. Wonderful
birds and the symbol of the trickster.
I used underglazes to paint the bird on the bowl, it will
be covered with a transparent glaze and high fired.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Late Winter

The end of January '08 was a time of difficult weather. In two weeks over 3 feet of snow was dumped on us and the wind blew it into impassable drifts. At one time I was stranded in my house for five days as my car was stuck and I couldn't physically walk through the drifting snow to get it anyway. It could have been a pleasant time to relax and enjoy the forced vacation, but I spent most of my time trying to find a way out.

This is a view of my pottery studio from my front porch.

The roughness in the snow was where I walked the day

previous through 3 ft. of snow, the drifting filled my path

in again overnight.

I had sufficient supplies and heat, but I didn't enjoy the confiement.

When I did find a snow plow willing to plow my driveway, the snow berms were pushed up so high I still have to back the 1/8th of a mile back to the house because of lack of turn-around space from the snow. Then shoveling the sidewalk and a path to the studio commenced.

But all is well, now I can come and go as desired.

This is Amby on the sidewalk I dug out. I was worried

about letting him off leash because I couldn't go through

the snow to get him if he decided to bolt.