Sunday, December 2, 2007

My display at Mud & Spirits. This doesn't seem like a lot of space,

but my inventory was quickly replaced when a piece sold.

Mud and Spirits was fun.
Mud and Spirits has a different atmosphere, it's a very nice show. People attend because of an interest in pottery; it's not the casual entertainment wandering-around of most art fairs. Maybe it was just a good day, all around was happiness. Such a stark contrast to my weekly workday.
I picked the pooch up from the 'doggie spa' this morning. His spa is in the country and I took a short cut on roads that were even more back country. The snow had drifted a foot and a half in some places. I plowed through them with the AWD and studded sawdusts. Now that was fun (POW, SWOOSH!!), I still have loads to do in the house here, but for a while considered finding more backroads and spending the day swooshing through them. (That would have had disaster written all over it.)