Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mud and Spirits Ceramic Show, 2010

Mud and Spirits organized and produced by C.A.G.N.I. (Clay Arts Guild of North Idaho) was held several weeks earlier than usual this year. It was nice not to have to drive there in the snow.
It's a fair of all ceramic artists.
My display this year contained some new designs and some of my regular best sellers.
Dragons in the Center.                                        
A new item for me are the "holeless salt shakers" they really do have an opening for the salt, but it is hidden underneath the ball.
Side view of my display. The side of the cave animals done in underglaze and some in maiolica.
More cave animals, this time showing the third platter with what is called the "Chinese Horses" painted. This also shows the vase and the small bowl more clearly.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Animal ware

The original idea for this design was the following set of dishes, an order made for a child whose family raise sheep. It was hand drawn using underglazes on a white stoneware, which was then covered with my favorite transparent glaze. Because it was for a little child, I curved the plate rim in so he would be able to scoop the food next to the rim making it easier for him to learn to use silverware.